The Kings Writ

Rules for The King’s Writ

Must be a King’s own pack member.
No roll if accepted.
Contested, willpower of driver vs passenger, target number 6, opposed success.

Any member of the King’s own pack (aka the A Team) can lend their fellow pack members Skills, Talents, or Knowledge. If a pack mate requires assistance from another in their pack, they may ‘invite’ an individual to occupy the scene. During the engagement, the host is still aware of their surroundings, but the guest is in charge of all physical action. The guest may utilize any knowledge, talent or skill abilities at their Mental and Social levels. Physical levels default to the host. Any penalties assessed due to injury to the host still apply. The King, at his pleasure may command a joining using his Mastery skill, but Gaia help him with this group if he does so. During engagement the guest’s body falls into a state of sleep that the casual observer can not seem to wake the Garou from. The Garou may have a faint sense of what is occurring to their body while they are joined with another in their pack.

Player sub clauses:
Yeah, I know you guys are going to look for the loop holes. I get that’s how you roll. This section is reserved for gross over leveraging of rules lawyering and reigning this in from being a free pass to kill whatever you want. ;)

The Kings Writ

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