Silicone Lupus

The beast with in

As I sit here listening to my smug asshole ancestor teach me his language that died out over 3000 years ago, I cant help but think that things were easier when I was a younger Garou. We did not have the fore sight of wisdom to stop us from the impulsive indiscriminant slaying of the worm. We were not responsible for anything or anyone. The three of us gave in to our inner beast when it howled for its rage to be released so that it could slake its thirst for blood and gore. We were the incarnation of death and the worm shivered in fear as we slashed and burned huge swaths through its ranks.

Now we are crushed by the weight borne by the few older Garou our age. The weight of wisdom. The weight of responsibility. The weight of tutoring the next generations. The weight of protecting the our children ,and the king even if they do not think they need it. These are just a few of the loads the suffocate the beast with in me.

My students have recently reminded me of a rule I have drilled in to them for years. I may have allowed myself to become to comfortable with following the rules of man. I have come to realize that this is why we are losing to the one called number two. I am tired of being two steps behind this high priest of the worm. When I get done learning this dead language of the ancients I am going to follow my own teachings. I am going to change the rules and take the fight to him. He may not have to stay in one place for very long, but he is running a corporation. That corporation has rule in the land of man that they must follow or the corporation would not be able to exist. I will use these rules against them. The beings that do this work for him on this world have to have some where to work from. I am going to find that place. When I do my beast will once again run free and this number two like so many other agents of the worm shall quake in fear as I howl my challenge fueled by wrath and revulsion.

All I have to say to you now number two is run and hide, this old wolf will soon go on the hunt. You are the prey.

Johnny Lou
Elder and the last Star Gazer



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