Silicone Lupus

Kings Session Notes 2

Planning, Parents and Promulgate

Briana is tasked with investigating “The Octopus Realm” aka Hakati. While the realm itself might not be too dangerous, it is guarded by The Trail of Embers. After some rolls, it’s been said that those who have walked the Trail of Embers faced their greatest fear, regrets, failures and sins. Most never return from The Trail.

It was quickly decided that King Alex should definitely NOT walk this path!!!

However, Briana started asking Johnny what he knew of the Trail of Embers. Which of course led to her snitching to their parents about their dangerous mission. Invariably leading THE ELDER’S OF GAIA’S TALON PACK TO HUNT DOWN THEIR CHILDREN FOR SOME ASS CHEWING.

After getting some of the details they approached Mari first, forbidding her from taking their kids “On this Death Wish of a mission.” Unfortunately for Mari, the pack had yet to reveal their plans to her, as they were still being formed and researched. Mari deflected admirably back to King Falconhand.

An hour long ass chewing commenced before Alex was fed up and ordered Gaia’s Talon to go ahead and inform Ethan’s Wife and Daughter that they wouldn’t be saving Ethan because it was too dangerous. Unceremoniously they all left to do just that (not that anyone believed they were going to do just that immediately!!!).

Annoyed with their parents, Briana reached out so Elder Sun Moon instead.

While he was strongly against them traveling the Trail of Embers, he gave what little knowledge he know. Unfortunately, he knew of no way around the Trail either.

It was then that the pack approached their totem spirits for some advice. Nero didn’t know shit. Sparkle claimed she did, but was to pissy with the pack, as they had been lax in their service to her. So the pack performed a rite of accolades on Sparkle, giving her a much needed ego (and Gnosis) boost that she wanted.

Sparkle claims she might know a way around the Trail. But before Alex can ask, a long, wasteful discussion of why Alex can’t go on this part of the mission is had, as he is too important. Alex waits and finally puts his foot down with the pack and says that they either all go together, or this part of the missions is scrubbed.

Whispy starts the planning of mission: “Trail of Terrors”



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