Silicone Lupus

King's Pack Session Notes 3

Crystal's Face Gets Melted Off

The “A Team” decides to weigh their options. They want the insurance of having the Jacob’s Horn, but the whole Trail of Embers is too daunting to everyone to go and retrieve it. Some yelling takes place back and forth about who gets to go and who doesn’t, when it’s finally noticed that Crystal and Sparkle are gone.


The pack contacts them and Crystal claims she’s on the shitter and don’t bother her. Nero confirms they are in the Umbra traveling very quickly away. Matt tells Whispy that this is all her fault, as she is currently the Beta. Whispy stomps off, intent on catching up with them. Before anyone can react, she’s gone into the Umbra as well.

Knowing fully well that there is no way that Whispy can catch up with them, and not wanting to chance another pack member on this task, Alex orders here to return to the Caern through The King’s Writ (the Silver Crown). Willpower rolls ensue and Alex wins, barely.

Whispy returns in full on Raged out Crinos! Alex and Matt beat her into submission after taking a few scratches as well.

And the pack waits…..

…and waits…

…and finally after a full 24 hours goes by Crystal is dumped out of the Caern gate in a messy pile. She isn’t breathing and is barely recognizable. Matt thumps her with his club, healing her. However, she is so heavily scarred on her face, she has no eyes, nose or ears. Matt’s healing isn’t strong enough to heal the scars.

The Thunderheart Caern, while a badass Vision Caern, isn’t ripe for healing. So they head back to their caern, New Hope, which is a Healing Caern.

The entire pack spends most of the entire night preparing a rite to open the caern and it’s healing magic.

The ritual is so successful (8 successes on the roll!!!), that a blinding light erupts from the caern and heals everything on its entire bawn. Physically AND mentally. All renown scars, all mental deformities, everything!!! (yeah, there won’t be any fallout from THAT!!!)

And with that, Crystal is returned to her sarcastic self, AND she and Sparkle managed to retrieve Jacob’s Horn.



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