Silicone Lupus

King Session Notes 1

Since we can never fucking remember where we left off...

The King and Crew convince Mari to join them in their quest to rescue Ethan. They agree to meet at the Thunderheart caern as soon as possible.

Once at Thunderheart, Matt has dinner with his parents AND Mari. There is discussion about the “friendly duel” that took place between Mari and Matt. Johnny and Mari discuss Matt being mentored by Mari, essentially leaving Matt out of the loop (even though he was present).

Alex sits down at the caern to meditate in an attempt for a vision (it is a level 5 vision caern after all!) to see if Ethan had a “backup plan”. He discovers that Ethan had a very powerful fetish made that would open a gate from anywhere, transporting him back to safety. Unfortunately, on the way to “Valhalla” Ethan was accosted by a number of Sokta. Before he ran, the fetish was thieved away by them without his knowledge. Alex then discovered that the fetish was now in a sub realm in a “treasure horde” guarded by an “octopus looking” creature.

The pack discusses retrieving the fetish, but as a backup plan, they decide to build their own fetish that can allow them to always find the North Star. It’s decided that the fetish will basically look like a crystal monocle that hangs on a necklace.

Alex makes the TN#10 Wits+Rituals role with 1 success, most everyone spends a temporary Willpower to boost the fetish’s power.



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